Some would say advertisers and sponsors are a necessary “evil,” but in my world, they are the part of the system that allows for the “trains to run on time.” I have been on both sides of the coin. I have been a business owner who saw the need to promote my business and get the name out there. The ability to offer specials and let folks know about events. And if you don’t factor in marketing (Including advertising and sponsorship.), you will may not be there in a few years.

I know people talk about “word of mouth,” but much of word of mouth is related to advertising. A person sees or hears your ad and tells others about you.

Listings and Plans

At Find Art For All, you can get a FREE listing. (And we have special offerings to give you more at Positive News For You at no extra charge.) And it is SEO tuned, highly visible and searchable through our site and search engines. But, I will tell you that we have 3 tiers regarding visibility. As our listings increase (And we have over 3,000 right now.) there will be more competition. The next tier up is our $17 per month and offers more features. (You can see the differences here.) These second-tier listings post above our free ads. The $27 per month posts at the top of the three tiers.

Advertiser Benefits

Advertising allows business to create their message. Unlike public relations efforts, they will decide, create and place the exact message they want.

We will take their listing (It can be free, the $17 per month, or the $27 per month listing.), and we will build it into an advertisement for them. They will choose the time frame and pay accordingly.

The paid advertisement appears at the top of any category search, etc.

How ads appear on top


How your ads will appear in a search.


Become a Sponsor

When you become a sponsor of Find Art For All, you are paying for the right to associate yourself with us. You do not completely control your message but work with us to determine where your name will appear. You will have exposure here on our site, and you will be part of a growing program. (And we couple our sponsorships with our parent company, Positive News For You, LLC, and our sister nonprofit, PN4UINC. ) These begin at $1,000 per year. It will not only give you advertising with us but you will be acknowledged by you in multiple ways.

Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

We want you to support us, but I want you to know your satisfaction is utmost with us. (I have been in marketing, sales, and management forever! Customer service is key!

If you would like to know more about what we do and where we are going, please reach out.

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