Lee Johndrow, photographer of 55 years. He recently “picked” up a camera again. A photography studio owner in the 80’s, he started with a 110 and 126 as a child, picking up a 35MM before he was 12.

These days, he uses a Canon 35MM, an iPhone, a drone, and a 360 camera.

While he still photographs landscapes, two of his favorite topics are old cars (He has photographed thousands of cars at car shows over the years.) and Lake George.

The photograph here is soon to be a limited edition canvas from a photograph from 2020 at Lake George. The Minne-Ha-Ha is a sternwheel steamboat on Lake George in New York. It is part of the Lake George Steamboat Company. (It will be available both in color and black and white.)

Lee motorcycling the Kancamagus Highway
Lee motorcycling the Kancamagus Highway

It was taken the year of no car show in 2020. He and his family went anyways out of their love for Lake George, the Adirondacks, and the belief that there would still be cars. (There was! We got pics!)

Lee wanted to do what he enjoys doing. Introducing others to hobbies that involve the arts and connecting the arts to others. (Over the years, Lee has had two studios that displayed art and photography. Now it is just virtual.) He has worked with many artists, photographers, and artisans. He is working to bring that all together.

He shared what he was thinking with friend and artist Lori Lebel. He shared his thoughts, and they began to collaborate.

Lee and Jacob 2021 Christmas
Lee and Jacob 2021 Christmas

Lee and his grandson Jacob, will be headed to Lake George, Kancamagus Highway, art shows and more to bring folks some great pieces to hang up in homes, offices and places of business.

Keep watching!

Lee Johndrow is the owner of Positive News For You, LLC, the parent company of Find Art For All.